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up to and including 30 June 2013

Venetian Red - Wall painting by Johan van Oord

The walls of the Espresso Bar have a new design in a new colour. You shouldn’t expect still lifes of landscapes from Johan van Oord. He specialises in abstract, almost mathematical paintings. His way of working is closer to that of an architect or a carpenter than an artist. After designing a specific form, he paints it with the precision and skill of a master painter-decorator.

‘He considers the painting as a box into which he can put things. No representations of apples or landscapes, but painterly facts such as circles that flow naturally from the brush, and of course in a single colour.’ (Source: website of Galerie Phoebus Rotterdam)


Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen invited him to paint the walls of the Espresso Bar with a new series of unique designs. He works like a choreographer, constantly rearranging the forms. Each wall has its own ‘dance’: a composition with its own peculiar rhythm: from sun to exclamation mark, from exclamation mark to sun.

Magnetic orce

You can expect to see abstract forms such as a sun and an exclamation mark in the Espresso Bar. All of them with a magic aura. The artist calls this ‘painterly magnetism’. This effect comes about because the dark flat forms are painted on a white background. When you look at the forms, they appear to be fixed on your retina and develop an aura around them.

Johan van Oord teaches painting at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.