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up to and including 03 November 2013

The Extended View

This compact collection presentation with modern and contemporary artworks focuses on a basic principle within the visual arts: perception. While observation lies at the root of understanding art, the act of looking itself is the subject of the works exhibited. The artists take us off guard visually: the works are not representations of reality, but provide a window on another reality.

At first view the photographs of Günther Förg (1952) look like documentary architectural photographs, but Förg plays with what is visible and what is left out of the frame or is overexposed. Man Ray’s (1890-1976) eye spies on us but cannot actually see, and the children depicted by David Salle (1952) are unable to see us or themselves. The illusion of sight is highlighted in the last gallery by Gabriel Lester (1972), while the installation by Andro Wekua (1977) turns the visitor into voyeurs. All the works, many of them installations, posited alternative realities that made us aware of the act of looking.