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up to and including 18 April 2010

Intervention #12 Ine Lamers - Call Sheet

The Rotterdam artist and filmmaker Ine Lamers created a presentation as part of the series of interventions that make up Collection Two, the present arrangement of the museum collection.

In 'Call Sheet', Ine Lamers presented her video work USTALA (I’m tired) in a museum context for the first time. Alongside USTALA (2008) Ine Lamers showed a number of casting photographs and video stills. She also selected various works of art from the museum collection with the idea of subtly broaching unexpected contextual and visual connections between the video images, the photographs and her selection from the collection.


In the video work USTALA Ine Lamers explores the notion of dystopia. The story takes place in the Russian model city of Tolyatti, which was built on utopian foundations in the 1950s and 60s. Significant political and historic events—the fall of the Iron Curtain and the dismantling of the Soviet Union—transformed the collective paradise into capitalist chaos. Utopia became dystopia. In the film a group of Russian kids loiter among the silent monuments and the debris of this former Communist paradise. Their repetitive acts seem to suggest that they are caught up in a ritual. Do they really want to escape from this apocalyptic setting?

Visual narrative

Lamers’s oeuvre is made up of colour photographs and slide and video installations in which she examines the narrative properties of these mediums. USTALA was created through improvisation and in collaboration with a group of Russian actors (amateur and professional) and scriptwriters. The original concept—a re-enactment of a poetic 8 mm amateur film about the construction of the city of Tolyatti—was revised during the working process. USTALA developed into a cyclical film in which staged and documentary images intermingle with historic archive material.

Ine Lamers

Ine Lamers lives and works in Rotterdam and has been working as an artist and filmmaker since 1990. Her work appears in several museum collections and was recently exhibited by the Reuten Galerie and Galerie Ron Mandos. Her video works have been shown at many film festivals, among them the Viper Basel in 2004 and 2006, the Rotterdam International Film Festival in 2005 and the Vermont International Film Festival in 2004.


Intervention #12 – Ine Lamers was put together by the curator of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen’s City Collection, who focuses on expressive art from Rotterdam by means of exhibitions and projects.
Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen gives contemporary art a prominent position by getting presentations to reflect on the collection or the museum building. The interaction with art from the collection reinforces these visual statements and creates an exciting tension. The interventions heighten the way the public views them and fire the imagination.