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up to and including 06 May 2012

Art4Kids 2012

During the May holiday in 2012, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen organised a special sales exhibition for children: Kunst4Kids [Art4Kids]. Children were given a unique opportunity to buy art, without their parents or grandparents interfering. The works are all on sale for just € 35.

Twenty-six Dutch artists, many from Rotterdam, and all selected by the director of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, had each been asked to produce one work, specially for this year’s Kunst4Kids. These works include paintings and drawings, but also prints and sculptures, one of which has even been printed in 3D.


Kunst4Kids has become something of a tradition; the museum has been organising the event for more than 10 years. The last exhibition, in 2009, included works by artists such as Lily van der Stokker, Paul van der Eerden, Ronald Cornelissen and Joep van Lieshout. Around 1500 children between the ages of 5 and 18 participate each time in Kunst4Kids. All of them are art collectors of the future.

Art4Kids was opened in festive style on Saturday 28 April at 11.30 am by director Sjarel Ex and Sebastian Wulff (known as Luxor from SpangaS and from Raveleijn). The exhibition was then open only for children, who will have the opportunity of selecting their favourite work, buying it and taking it home with them.



The participating artists are: Daan Botlek, Karin van Dam, Rudy d'Arnaud Gerkens, Ada Dispa, Suzan Drummen, Lizan Freijsen, Maartje Folkeringa, Helen Frik, Hans Hovy, Evelyne Janssen, Ad de Jong, Paul Klemann, Kinke Kooi, Olaf Mooij, Paul Nassenstein, Serge Onnen, Johan van Oord, Bertjan Pot, Mike Redman, Paul de Reus, Lies Ros, Johanna Schweizer, Tanja Smeets, Rik Smits, Anne-Marie van Sprang and Andre van de Wijdeven.

The artists also think the exhibition for children is very important, and this is shown by the following reactions:

“Art is very important for children; they are the new generation and the art lovers of the future. If we don’t let them get to know art now, it becomes even more difficult for them understand and appreciate art later in life. That’s why I’m looking forward to the Kunst4Kids exhibition, because it brings children face to face with contemporary art, and allows them to assume the role of a collector who is forced to look at art critically.”
Rik Smits

“The works in this exhibition are all about the same size, and this means they can easily be compared with each other. One work may have lots of colour and another may have a very unusual image. By comparing them with each other, you find out what you personally think is important. I’m a little jealous of the children, because I’d like to choose a work for myself. Looking at art makes life nicer.”
Suzan Drummen



Only children between the ages of 5 and 18 are allowed into the exhibition, so their parents cannot influence their choice. Once the children have made their choice, they can take the work home with them straight away. Each work is accompanied by a text about the work itself and the artist, so that they can learn more about their acquisition at home.

Kunst4Kids has been made possible by Rabobank Rotterdam and Georgetina Foundation.