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Boijmans in the Classroom

In 2019 we have launched the project Boijmans in the Classroom, in which we visit schools with artworks from the collection. The museum’s programme continues and part of its famous collection will in school classrooms throughout Rotterdam. Pupils study the artworks and learn about the artist’s ideas and the period in which the works were made. Boijmans visits schools in the Rotterdam area with a diverse selection of artworks. Additionally, schools can visit the exhibitions that are part of the programme Boijmans Next Door.

To keep the collection visible, familiar and alive for schoolchildren, the museum is going out into the schools. From the beginning of the 2019-20 school year, it is possible for primary and secondary schools in the Rotterdam area to book ‘Boijmans in the Classroom’. Paulo the Parrot visits the youngest children with sculptures of animals. For older pupils we bring seventeenth-century artefacts or Surrealist artworks. The high-quality reproduction of ‘The Tower of babel’ (made by the University of Tokyo) also travels to schools and we also offer lessons on design and Conceptual art. The lessons are taught in the classroom by an experienced museum educator. The pupils study the artworks we bring with us, and each lesson feature an active component.