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Corporate support

Are you looking for a partnership that benefits both your company and society? Then a partnership with Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen is the right choice for you.

Innovation, creativity and seeing the world differently play an important role in your company’s success. In this respect, your company and Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen share the same DNA, which can be the basis of a valuable partnership.

3 ways to make a contribution

  •  Sponsor – tailor-made partnership

As a sponsor, you support a particular aspect of the museum’s work or a particular project. We will explore with you which of the museum’s aims or which project is best suited to your company, and which will result in added value for both you and the museum. Naturally, we will draw up an interesting sponsor’s package for you with special privileges and possibilities for activities.

  • Boijmans Business Club – the high-end corporate network

The Boijmans Business Club is a unique club whose members appreciate the social relevance of art. The club is closely involved in the museum’s activities and it contributes to the realisation of special exhibitions. Club membership is open to company directors for a period of three years for €12,500 per year. This long-term partnership bestows special privileges, including invitations to excusive openings, behind-the-scenes tours, 24/7 access to the museum (in consultation with the museum) and an invitation to the annual Boijmans Business Dinner.

De members Boijmans Business Club form an exclusive network:

  • Brunel International N.V.
  • Deerns Nederland B.V.
  • Dura Vermeer Groep N.V.
  • Havenbedrijf Rotterdam
  • IMCD Group B.V.
  • Koninklijke De Heus B.V.
  • Loyens & Loeff N.V.
  • Ploum Rotterdam Law Firm
  • ProDelta Holding B.V.
  • PwC
  • Rabobank Rotterdam
  • Rotterdam Harbour Holding B.V.
  • Signify
  • SV Interieurgroep B.V.
  • Boijmans Corporate Members – al 30 jaar trouwe steun

The Boijmans Corporate Members network comprises Rotterdam-based companies who feel a close affinity with the city and the museum. The majority of members are small to medium-sized companies from various sectors. Corporate membership lasts for three years and costs €2500 per calendar year. The contributions from this Rotterdam-based corporate network are used to fund the museum’s main exhibition each year, such as ‘Mad About Surrealism’ in 2017.

We are proud of our Corporate Members:

  • A. de Jong Groep
  • AKD
  • AM
  • Anthony Veder Groep N.V.
  • Aon Groep Nederland
  • Auto Hoogenboom B.V.
  • Bakker Barendrecht B.V.
  • Bilderberg Parkhotel Rotterdam
  • Breeman Automotive B.V.
  • Corthaus Beheer B.V.
  • DCS Drecht Coating Services B.V.
  • Eversheds Sutherland B.V.
  • F. van Lanschot Bankiers N.V.
  • Friends in Business
  • Gemeente Rotterdam
  • HAL Investments B.V.
  • Handelsbanken
  • Houthoff


  • IMAP Netherlands
  • ING Bank Rotterdam
  • KoenVisser Group
  • KPN
  • Middelland Beheer B.V.
  • MKB Rotterdam Rijnmond
  • Mommers Schoonmaak
  • Möller Autoschade Groep
  • Quantes Drukkerij B.V.
  • Peterson Rotterdam B.V.
  • Reisbureau Buitenlandsche Zaken
  • OGER
  • Schouten Zekerheid
  • Van Beuningen & Partners
  • Van Steenderen MainportLawyers
  • Vismans Deurwaarders & Incasso
  • B.V. Zorgwerk

Membership privileges include various exclusive receptions that the museum organises throughout the year, during which you can get to know each other and the museum and its extraordinary collections. You can also organise events for your staff or business relations in one of our spaces or enjoy a private behind-the-scenes guided tour.


Want to know more or have any questions? Please feel free to contact us.

Elmira Schuurs
Elmira Schuurs Relatiemanager Bedrijven
+31 (0)10 44.19.415