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Oskar Kokoschka tour

from September 21 2013 until January 19 2014

on reservation

costs: see description

Photo: Fred Ernst

Take a tour of the exhibition ‘Oskar Kokoschka - People and creatures’. What is the story behind the tumultuous relationship between the painter and Alma Mahler? And from whom did Kokoschka get his inspiration?

Throughout his life, Kokoschka painted portraits of both people and animals. Most of this portraits were made in the years between 1910 and 1930, when he was living in Vienna and Berlin. His expressionist work shows his vision of the world and the people around him. The emotions and characters of his models are captured in alienating images, strange shapes and bright colours. At first, his art was not appreciated by everybody.

His acquaintance with Adolf Loos brought him into contact with the Viennese cultural and intellectual elite. He painted portraits of several composers, artists and architects. But Kokoschka’s tempestuous relationship with Alma Mahler also had an enormous influence on his work. The threat of the Second World War, and the war itself, gave rise to allegorical portraits, paintings with a message.

The artist lived and worked in various places in Europe. Kokoschka painted his last self-portrait in 1970, when he was 84 years old. Kokoschka has since become an esteemed and established artist.

Silent tour

For the first time, the museum is offering the possibility of following the route via a ‘Silent Tour’. You listen as a group to the tour guide through headphones. This tour takes you to the Vienna of the beginning of the twentieth century, without you being disturbed by sounds around you.

Practical information

Length of tour: 1 hour
Costs of tour: € 80 (per group with a max. of 20 participants, excl. admission).
Supplement for foreign language: € 15
Reservations: Send an e-mail to educatie@boijmans.nl


Cancellations and notifications about smaller groups which therefore require one tour guide/museum teacher less, can only be made via e-mail (educatie@boijmans.nl) and are free of charge until 5 working days before the museum visit.