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How to get to the Submarine Warf?

Buy a ticket at the ticket desk, take the Aqualiner and go to the Submarine Wharf. Here are the directions.

This summer Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen is presenting a unique installation by Sarkis in a very special location in Rotterdam’s harbour.

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen ticket desk

Buy your ticket for the Submarine Wharf at the museum’s ticket desk.
You can choose between a ticket for the Submarine Wharf plus transport by Aqualiner or a combination ticket that gives you entry to the museum.
Entry to Submarine Wharf plus transport: €8.50 (also available at the Aqualiner, only cash)
Entry to Submarine Wharf plus transport and entry to the museum: €21.-

You can also buy a ticket at the cash register in the Submarine Wharf. A ticket for only the wharf costs €5,00.

Note: There is no discount for Museumkaart holders in the Submarine Wharf.

By car? You can find directions here.

Note: On weekends there is another route to the Submarine Wharf (the green gate is closed on weekends). Parking is at the RDM building opposite the departure point of the Aqualiner.

Note: If you use an outdated version GPS system, it is possible that your system can not locate the RDM street. In this case we recommend to turn off your GPS system upon arrival at the RDM terrain and then to consult the information board.


The Submarine Wharf is easily reached with the Aqualiner. This is the boat connecting Rotterdam North and the RDM terrain where the Submarine Wharf is located. The Aqualiner departs from the Willemskade in Rotterdam:

Outward journey
Aqualiner departure times from the Erasmusbrug:

Tuesday to Friday Line 2:
Departure from the Willemskade/Erasmusbrug (20-minute journey): 11.08, 11.38, 12.08, 12.38, 13.08, 13.52, 14.22, 14.52, 15.22, 15.52, 16.22, 16.52, 17.22

Saturday and Sunday
Departure from the Willemskade/Erasmusbrug (20-minute journey): 11.40, 12.10, 12.40, 13.10, 13.40, 14.10, 14.40, 15.10, 15.40, 16.10, 16.40, 17.10

Return journey
Aqualiner departure times from Heijplaat/RDM terrain:

Tuesday to Friday:
Departure from Heijplaat/RDM (20-minute journey): 12.04, 12.34, 13.12, 13.42, 14.12, 14.42, 15.12, 15.42, 16.12, 16.42, 17.12, 17.42, 18.12

Saturday and Sunday:
Departure from Heijplaat/RDM (20-minute journey): 12.16, 12.46, 13.16, 13.46, 14.16, 14.46, 15.16, 15.46, 16.16, 16.46, 17.16, 17.46, 18.16
(Please note, the last sailing on Saturday and Sunday from RDM will depart at 18.16!)

For more information about the Aqualiner, click here: www.aqualiner.nl.

Submarine Wharf

Upon arrival at the RDM terrain, walk up the jetty and follow the signs marked ‘Submarine Wharf’. Follow the quayside to the end, where you will find the Submarine Wharf. You can also reach the Submarine Wharf by car. There is free parking available. You can also buy your ticket for the exhibition at the entrance to the Submarine Wharf. For more information visit: www.submarinewharf.com