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New Energy, gallery 2: Construction

Digitisation and the internet make the results of scientific research and knowledge of productions processes more readily available to designers and artists. They combine this information in their own way and develop a new aesthetic. Mischer’traxler have linked a high-tech production process to natural energy. Every day their machine, which runs entirely on the intensity of the sun’s energy, makes a stool. John Körmeling has developed a new shape for the car, based on his knowledge of aerodynamics. Rich Gilbert shows us what the consequences are if you design a desk lamp that requires significantly less energy to produce. What sacrifices can we make in terms of functionality, ease of use and the design’s personality?


mischer'traxler (Katharina Mischer 1982 and Thomas Traxler 1981). The idea of a tree (2008-ongoing). Various materials. Photo: mischer'traxler

On view in this gallery:

Mischer’traxler, Idea of a Tree, 2008

John Körmeling, De vierkante auto, 2010

Richard Gilbert, The Megajoule Challenge, 2010

Oskar de Kiefte, The Converted Porsche 928, 1996. Watch the Mythbusters-item about the Converted Porsche.

Oskar de Kiefte, Dikke buizenfiets

Joris Laarman Lab, Heatwave, 2003

Studio Eric Klarenbeek, Led leave, 2011

Edhv, Debug chair, 2010

Roman Signer, Tuch, 2009