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Museum Night

March 5 2011

photo: Fred Ernst Museum Night 2010. Photo: Fred Ernst photo: Fred Ernst

Come to Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen during Rotterdam Museum Night for extraordinary exhibitions: the sinister Snakes Knows it’s Yoga, the magical Suspension of Disbelief and the overwhelming Beauty in Science.

 The Swedish artist Nathalie Djurberg’s exhibition Snakes Knows it’s Yoga deals with themes such as obsession, power, pleasure, desire and violence. She creates a sinister atmosphere with 44
sculptures, films and music. Fate is central to Gabriel Lester’s exhibition Suspension of Disbelief. His magic acts will have you doubting what you see. Beauty in Science is a sensory overload: hundreds of images demonstrate the accidental beauty of nature. During Museum Night there are guided tours for young and old. Pop into the Art Studio to make your own work of art, have your photograph taken or drink and dance in the Espresso Bar.

For more information about Rotterdam Museum Night visit: www.rotterdamsemuseumnacht.nl