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Andre Kodde - MSquare4

from September 10 2010 until September 12 2010

Andre Kodde - MSquare4, Maquette. This project is made possible by Besam

Msquare4 is a model for a virtual museum, in which the artist André Kodde explores the influence that museum architecture and exhibition design have on the visitor.

The three-dimensional environment of this virtual museum unfolds on the screen. The floor plan consists of a grid of identical galleries. From each space you can access four neighbouring galleries via sliding doors: this plan gives the work its title.

For this exhibition, a selection of works from the collection of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen has been made into 3D images. A variety of multimedia applications make it possible to follow a guided tour through the virtual museum, to listen to poets, musicians and art critics, and to chat with visitors from all over the world.

Kodde has worked on his alternative museum model since his post-graduate course at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam (2007-2009). The Internet provides a new context for art and an unrivalled platform for social contact. Msquare4 is an ideal meeting place for art lovers.