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Intervention #14 Hans Wilschut - Perforated Perspective

from April 24 2010 until April 17 2011

Hans Wilschut, Perforated Perspective Hans Wilschut, Touch Hans Wilschut, Relocation

In the stairwell of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, photographer Hans Wilschut (1966) is making an installation with photographs he took during his travels.

Dutch photographer Hans Wilschut looks with his images beyond the boundaries of urban reality. He took photographs in China and South Africa and shows three of his pictures in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen.

‘Perforated Perspective’, was taken in Nanjing, China. In Rotterdam it plays with the architecture of the stairwell in the museum. The image is constructed from two photographs taken with a telephoto lens. When the two shots were combined into a single image, the result proved to have exactly the same proportions as the stairwell wall. The viewer is drawn into the horizon by the depth in the picture; it almost seems as if looking outside insetad of looking at a wall with a huge picture hanging on it.

Wilschut's two other works, which he made in Johannesburg, are being shown as of 11 May, under the stairwell and have a special effect of their own. 'Touch' gets to the heart of the vulnerable human side of the remote metropolis of today. 'Recolcation' shows the integration of the first and the third world

Hans Wilschut also had an exhibition in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in 2005. His works have recently been shown in Shanghai, Johannesburg and Rotterdam. A monograph on his work, ‘Still Motion. Lyric Reflections on Urbanism’ by d’jonge Hond, is being published to coincide with ‘Perforated Perspective’. For sale at the museum shop. Prize: €39,95.