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Rinus van den Bosch

from September 5 2009 until November 29 2009

Rinus van den Bosch, without a title, drawing Rinus van den Bosch, Accident, 1967, drawiing Rinus van den Bosch, Performance, 1976 Rinus van den Bosch, Koningin Juliana, 1973 Rinus van den Bosch with drawing Rinus van den Bosch, 1988 Rinus van den Bosch, proposition 1, painting, 1983 Rinus van den Bosch, without a title, drawing Rinus van den Bosch, without a title, drawing

As well as managing and exhibiting its own world-famous collection of drawings and prints, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen regularly shows exceptional collections of drawings. Starting on 5 September the museum will be presenting a selection of more than a hundred works by the artist Rinus van den Bosch (1938–1996).


He left a varied oeuvre which includes both drawings and paintings. A large part of Rinus van den Bosch’s oeuvre remains in his studio to this day. This exhibition, based for the most part on a selection of drawings from the artist’s studio, highlights his great qualities.


Rinus van den Bosch shows the world and the people in it through line drawings ranging from the figurative to the abstract, most with poetic titles. In these drawings, created with a sure touch and superb economy of line, he captured topical events and the atmosphere of The Hague as it was in the 1970s. Simplicity, colour and humour are caracteristics of his paintings.


The new biographic essay ‘Flarden van een stem: Rinus van den Bosch (1938 - 1996)’ by Willem Otterspeer and the publication ‘Rinus’ with contributions by Peter Struycken, Dick Matena and Wim Beeren (both in Dutch only), will be on sale in the museum shop from 19 September. The 1987 publication ‘Eidènai’ (the knowledge that comes about through seeing) which Rinus van den Bosch compiled from more than 360 drawings can also be purchased there, as well as his composition 'Regenlicht'. This publication is on sale from 15 September at the museumshop for only €59,50.


Dutch authors Tommy Wieringa, Willem Otterspeer and A.L. Snijders will officially open the exhibition in the Auditorium at 2 p.m. on Saturday 19 September.

For more information about the artist: www.rinusvandenbosch.nl