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Rotterdam Design Prize 2009

from September 19 2009 until January 10 2010

Atelier NL and Maarten Kolk Koninklijke Tichelaar Makkum Makkink & Bey Studio, Joost Grootens Studio, Wieki Somers Designprijs studio. Picture: Thijs de Lange Damen Shipyards, T&W Designteam Customer Christien Meindertsma Jair Straschnow & Gitte Nygaard

On Sunday 29 November studio Joost Grootens won the Rotterdam Design Prize 2009. Designers collective Gorilla won the public prize. Until 10 January 2010 the museum showcases projects and the design motivation of the winner(s) and the other leading designers or clients of the past two years.

Rotterdam Design Prize 2009 nominees:

Atelier NL and Maarten Kolk
Christien Meindertsma
Damen Shipyards T&W Designteam
Jair Straschnow & Gitte Nygaard
Koninklijke Tichelaar Makkum
studio Joost Grootens 
Studio Makkink & Bey
Studio Wieki Somers

National prize

The Rotterdam Design Prize is a biennial national prize which concentrates on the shared qualities of Dutch design and intensifies the design debate. Since the previous competition the focus has shifted from the autonomous product to the vision of the designer.


The winner of the Rotterdam Design Prize 2009 is chosen by an international panel of judges during the exhibition and will be awarded €15,000 to spend as they wish. The judges are Alice Rawsthorn (journalist with the International Herald Tribune and design critic, UK), Rick Poynor (writer and design critic, UK) and Patrizia Moroso (artistic director of Moroso, IT).


A summary of the selection and motivation of the nomination committee and the international panel of judges has been published in the Rotterdam Design Prize 2009 review. This publication is for sale at the museumshop (15 euro). You can also download the individual reports of the nomination committee (June 2009) and the international panel of judges (October 2009) from www.designprijs.nl.

The 2009 Rotterdam Design Prize is an initiative of the Designprijs Rotterdam Foundation and is generously supported by Rotterdam City Council Art and Culture Department, the Stichting Bevordering van Volkskracht and the Stokroos Foundation. The public voting is supported by Narb, people filtered art. The exhibition is part of the official programme of Holland Art Cities 2009-2010.