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Videoroom - Luca Maria Patella

from May 30 2015 until September 13 2015

Videoroom. Photo: Lotte Stekelenburg. Videoroom. Photo: Lotte Stekelenburg.

Two video's by the Italian artist Luca Maria Patella are on view in the Video Room.

Luca Maria Patella
Terra Animata, 1967

The film ‘Terra Animata’ is irreverent and ironic. It seems to deride Conceptual Art and American Minimalism, focusing more on human behaviour and gestures than on the analytical and self-referential problem of their measurements.

Luca Maria Patella
SKMP2, 1968

‘SKMP2’ (1968) reflects Patella’s fascination with experimental photographic and filmic techniques. It is divided into four parts, each one dedicated to an artist represented by Fabio Sargentini’s (S) gallery L’Attico: Jannis Kounellis (K); Eliseo Mattiacci (M); Luca Patella (P) with Rosa Foschi and finally Pino Pascali (P). Through the use of irony and quotations, it is the conscious result of the artists’ explorations of the dynamics of perception and the relationship between natural vision and a framing device and between real action and expressive language.


You can find the videoroom in gallery G on the second floor.