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Lecture of Paul Noble

19th September


Free, excluding entrance to the museum

Unfortunately the lecture is fully booked

On 19 September, the English artist Paul Noble is coming to Rotterdam to give a lecture about his work and his exhibition NOBSON, which can be seen at the museum until 21 September. 

Noble's gigantic pencil drawings, some as large as 5 x 7 metres, depict his fantasy world: Nobson Newtown, a city built from a three-dimensional typeface (Nobfont) containing places such as Nobspital (a hospital) and Nobsend (a cemetery). The city is partially inspired by the grey skies of the English seaside resort, Whitley Bay, where Noble grew up.

On 19 September, Noble will talk about this extraordinary world, his working methods, sources of inspiration and motivation. The audience will have an opportunity to ask questions. The lecture will be in English and will be held in the museum's auditorium.