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round table discussion

Round table discussion Design Column #8 Beyond the Senses

Thursday June 19

Please note: a new date to be confirmed.

Free, excluding entrance to the museum
Borre Akkersdijk, BB. Suit, 2014

Design Column organizes, in context of Design Column #8 ‘Beyond the Senses', a round table discussion with artists and designers whose work is at view at the exhibition. 

Thursday June 19 artists Borre Akkersdijk and Ruben Pater and philosopher Andrea Speijer-Beek will talk about how design can expand our senses, which is the theme of the current Design Column #8 ‘Beyond the Senses'. They will further discuss whether it’s desirable that we can go beyond our natural senses via design and what the near future will bring in this matter. 

The discussion is on June 19, from 4 pm - 5 pm at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. You are more than welcome to join the discussion. To sign up please mail designcolumn@boijmans.nl. The discussion will be moderated by Annemartine van Kesteren, curator of the Design Column.

date: new date to be confirmed
language: English
entrance: free after registration via designcolumn@boijmans.nl
location: Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
Museumpark 18-20
3015 CX Rotterdam
guests: Artists Borre Akkersdijk and Ruben Pater and philosopher Andrea Speijer-Beek