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Hand Made demonstrations - Crochet - Mosaics

12 to 17 march 2013

Time: 11:00-17:00
Location: Hand Made: Long Live Crafts

JONGHLABEL JONGHLABEL JONGHLABEL JONGHLABEL Pro Mosaic International Pro Mosaic International

 During the exhibition Hand Made: long Live Crafts, chrafts will be brought to life. The museum will display more than 500 objects and short video’s illustrate the process of producing the artefacts on show. Next to this, the exhibition incorporates two specially equipped workshops where craftspeople will be working continuously, as well as demonstrating various craft techniques.

JONGHLABEL - Tatting / Crochet

With its jewellery collection ‘Jongh geleerd oud gedaan’ (What's learned in the cradle lasts till the grave), JONGHLABEL takes ancient handicrafts as the starting point for a series of contemporary accessories. They found women in various parts of Amsterdam who still have the skills and knowledge of tatting, bobbin lace making and dantel (Turkish lace). The handcrafted objects they make are accented with silver leaf and fluorescent paint to make unique, colourful pieces of jewellery.


Pro Mosaico International - Mosaics

Mosaico master Gino Tondat in collaboration with Ronald van der Waag present during Hand Made: Pro Mosaico International. Pro Mosaico International wants to make the traditional art of mosaic better known in the Benelux countries. The company promotes the history and possibilities of mosaics through a range of (educational) activities and by training amateurs and professionals. The traditional craft of making mosaics with a hammer and anvil was revived in the mid-19th century in Italy. For mosaic makers, their passion is a way of life.