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Gallery 45

Exhibition overview gallery 45, photo: Studio Goedewaagen

Jan van der Ploeg
Wall Painting No. 155 (Staff), 2006

To paint this monumental wall painting, Jan van der Ploeg (born in Amsterdam in 1959) chose this cozy hallway with beautiful natural light - next to the museum’s inner court yard. The artist’s work is deeply rooted in the international traditions of Minimalism and Hard Edge. However, Van der Ploeg has developed his own very distinctive shape and color vocabulary, which remains fresh and surprising thanks to the strong contrasts used. He opts for dark stripes in strong matt colors, that contrast with the very light tones in the work. The horizontal color stripes in relation to the existing architecture emphasizes the large size of the wall painting, and also strengthens the three-dimensional effect of the surrounding space. In this way, his striking wall painting could be seen as a sculpture integrated into its architectural surroundings.