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Gallery 41

Exhibition overview gallery 41, photo: Lotte Stekelenburg

Droog Design

The work of young designers, many of whom had just graduated, was picked up in 1993 by Gijs Bakker and Renny Ramakers and presented under the name Droog Design. This successful partnership generated huge publicity for witty and innovative Dutch design. In The Design Collection are shown, among others, ‘You cannot lay down your memory’ by Tejo Remy, de ‘Stop tap’ by Dick van Hoff and the ‘Knotted Chair’ by Marcel Wanders.


The pursuit of perfect proportions is a timeless quest. Despite the great freedom of form in the twentieth century, more and more designers seek the security of a system of proportions. Among others, ‘Fauteuil à dossier basculant (Model B301)’ by Le Corbusier and his colleagues Charlotte Perriand en Pierre Jeanneret is on view, which is designed on the basis of the golden section. The starting point for Richard Hutten’s ‘No Sign of Design’ series was an old-fashioned table, which becomes a cabinet, a table or a bench.

One-piece chair

The emergence of new materials and production techniques challenged designers to make a chair from a minimal number of components or indeed from a single piece of material. In The Design Collection, the research into this development is on view, with chairs by Mart Stam, Gerrit Rietveld, Metz & Co and Verner Panton.

Mutant Materials

The traditional distinction between materials such as glass, textiles, ceramics and plastics changed in the 1980s. Technological developments made it possible to combine the characteristics of different materials in new composites. Presented examples of Mutant Materials are tools like pliers or ice picks.