Ongoing and Concluded Restitution Requests

Ongoing and Concluded Restitution Requests

During the past two decades, various descendants of then owners, who traced art works through their own research efforts or whose attention was drawn to them, have requested their return. In many cases, these art works have been returned, if it turned out from further investigation that the loss of property at that time was indeed illicit. Below you find a summary of the concluded and still ongoing restitution requests.

Ongoing Restitution Requests

Pringsheim: 7 majolica pieces (2008)
Koenigs: 176 drawings and some paintings (loan from the State of the Netherlands/Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (RCE)) (1997, 2004)

Restitutions and Concluded Restitution Requests

Koenigs Collection: the drawings collection on loan from the Foundation Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen (rejected claim from 1997)
Schloss: the painting Still Life with Tulip by Dirk van Delen (restitution 1999)
Ornstein: the drawings Tomb of a King and Entrance to a Mosque by Marius Bauer (restitutions 2000)
Leefsma: the painting Woman Seated on the Grass at the Edge of a Meadow and Reading by Nicolaas van der Waay (restitution 2000)
De Vries: the drawing Standing Young Country Woman by George Hendrik Breitner (restitution 2001)
Flersheim-Eberstadt: the drawing Faith in God by Jan Toorop (restitution 2001)
Flersheim-Eberstadt: the painting The Thames by Jan Toorop (restitution 2009)
Boussu: sculpture group (compromise 2010)

The Restitutions Committee

The Advisory Committee on the Assessment of Restitution Applications for Items of Cultural Value and the Second World War (in brief referred to as: the Restitutions Committee) in The Hague advises the Minister of Education, Culture and Science according to the broadened return policy of the national government about individual requests for the return of cultural goods that have disappeared during the Second World War. Individual citizens and non-governmental organisations can jointly present cases to this committee for a (binding) opinion, based upon article 2.2 of the Decree establishing the Restitutions Committee. You can find more information in the Restitution policy and the Annual reports and opinions of the Restitutions Committee.