Episode 9: Dot, dot, dot

Still from Boijmans TV

Since 2010 the museum has been producing its own art programme, Boijmans TV, in association with RTV Rijnmond, Popov Film and Ro Theater, a world first. The first 13-part series of Boijmans TV proved to be a great success, drawing approximately 140,000 viewers per episode on TV Rijnmond. In January 2013 started a new series of Boijmans TV.

Episode 9: Dot dot dot

In episode 9 of Boijmans TV 2013, Mandy puts her foot down and Arie rushes to Johan van Oord: sprinkles or coffee beans? But nothing is ever as simple as that. And although the brown, or rather ‘Venetian red’ shapes on the walls of the espresso bar refer to nothing in the visible reality, Van Oord doesn’t want to be called an abstract artist. His work can best be compared with that of a composer or musician, where a limited number of elements are each time arranged with different colours and a new rhythm.

The Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama works with grids and dots, but she does that with a different intention and also with a totally different result. Bregje leads a group of Lolitas to Kusama’s mirror installation ‘Phalli’s Field’. There the young ladies turn out to be less sweet and childish that their clothing would suggest. Bregje is unable to tell them anything new about Kusama, her obsessive-compulsive neurosis, existential fear and sexual frustrations.

And did you miss the bouncer by the museum’s door? That’s possible, for in this episode he goes inside with a lost Lolita.

Watch this episode on ARTtube! Click here for more information about the exhibition by Johan van Oord. Read here for the Infinite Mirror Room by Yayoi Kusama.