Episode 4: I spy with my little eye

Since 2010 the museum has been producing its own art programme, Boijmans TV, in association with RTV Rijnmond, Popov Film and Ro Theater, a world first. The first 13-part series of Boijmans TV proved to be a great success, drawing approximately 140,000 viewers per episode on TV Rijnmond. In January 2013 started a new series of Boijmans TV.

Episode 4: I spy with my little eye

The fourth episode of Boijmans TV 2013 is called ‘I Spy with my Little Eye.’ And naturally everybody responds to this with: ‘So what do you see then?’ Mandy looks out from behind her desk on the enormous Easter egg by Jeff Koons and suddenly sees the Easter Hare - or is it a rabbit? Now she sees him - now she doesn’’t. She follows the animal and gets lost on the stairs of a building that looks like the museum, but isn’t. It turns out to be a place of sickness and suffering: the Rotterdam Eye Hospital.

Kees Sol, member of the board of the Eye Hospital, however, sees it differently. He explains to Arie - who, because of a broken lamp, initially doesn’t see who’s sitting in the ‘Hole of Cattelan’ - that there is so much art to be seen in the Eye Hospital in order to dispel the fear of the patients and to help the healing process.

While Mandy wanders through the Eye Hospital with ‘eyes wide shut’, the opticians who Bregje entertains move through the museum with their eyes closed, and finally stand in front of ‘The Blind Man’ by the Belgian painter Gustave Van de Woestijne. Bregje wants to get some insight from the specialists: what does the world actually look like for somebody who is blind? Does a blind person perhaps see other things? Things that a sighted person doesn’t see?

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