Episode 3: Moving Image

Since 2010 the museum has been producing its own art programme, Boijmans TV, in association with RTV Rijnmond, Popov Film and Ro Theater, a world first. The first 13-part series of Boijmans TV proved to be a great success, drawing approximately 140,000 viewers per episode on TV Rijnmond. In January 2013 started a new series of Boijmans TV.

Episode 3: Moving Image

Generally, security guard Arie respects the boundaries between his own world - that of the museum - and the world of the artist whom he interrogates. But in episode 3 of Boijmans TV 2013, sculptor Boris van Berkum dares to disrupt the sacred museum silence and Arie has to descend into the ‘Hole of Cattelan’. When he visits Boris’s studio, he not only meets the artist but also the Suriname band Ashanti Krioro and they strike up a conversation about Mama Aisa, ancestral sculptures and the future of art, punctuated with song and dance.

Tour guide Bregje and her group also concentrate on sculpture. The group actually always does that, for they are living statues, who try to fool passers-by (“I’m made of stone”) and then surprise them with an unexpected movement. It is logical that these professionals want Bregje to tell them more about the life-like statue of Maurizio Cattelan, that plays a star role in every episode of Boijmans TV.

Mandy sits at the ticket desk and doesn’t think of gods, ancestral worship, art or artistry when she hears the word statue: she thinks about the coffee cup which, if you throw a coin into it, acts as a switch: On - Off.

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