Visit the print room

Photo: Fred Ernst

Making an appointment

If you wish to view a certain drawing or print or a group of works, you should make an appointment at least one week in advance with one of the employees of the print cabinet ( You should state what you would like to view. The art works are laid out for you before you arrive and you can study them in the study room of the library. It is, of course, only possible to view works that are currently stored in the depository. Prints and drawings are regularly loaned out to exhibitions elsewhere in the world. Several drawings are too fragile to be shown regularly to visitors.

When you visit the museum to view prints and drawings, special conditions apply:

- bags, backpacks and coats are not allowed (they must be handed in at the museum entrance) - you must wash your hands before entering the study room
- you enter your name in the register in the study room
- you must submit a copy of a valid proof of identity (this is filed in the visitor’s file)
- eating and drinking are strictly forbidden in the study room
- using a laptop is permitted
- if you make notes, you may only use a pencil 
- you must wear gloves (provided for you when you visit) when handling the passepartouts
- the passepartouts must be held horizontal and not reversed
- the passepartouts may not be opened
- you are allowed to photograph the works, but without flash and only after obtaining permission from an employee of the print cabinet

Consulting prints and drawings takes place under supervision, both by staff and security cameras. You are expected to follow the instructions from supervising staff at all times. During your first visit to the study room, you will receive a written summary of the house rules. The use of this facility is free of charge; you must, however, be in possession of a valid entrance ticket for the museum.