Press previews

To journalists and press photographers, we offer an exclusive press preview to see of the exhibitions that open beforehand.

Preview Uncovering Everyday Life From Bosch to Bruegel 

In the week of the opening the museum will host a preview for journalists. The preview will be held on the 9th of October 2015

The Programme:

12.15 p.m.:   Reception with lunch.
12.45 p.m.:   Welcome by director Sjarel Ex and an introduction to ‘Uncovering Everyday life – from                              Bosch to Bruegel’ by curators Friso Lammertse and Peter van der Coelen.
13.15 p.m.:   Visit to ‘Uncovering Everyday life – from Bosch to Bruegel’.
14.45 p.m.:   End of programme.

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