Boijmans diary 2017

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Boijmans Diary 2017
In Perpetual Motion

The theme of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen’s sixty-ninth diary is perpetual motion, whether physical movement or flights of fancy. Art never stands still and sets our minds adrift. It has brought us a long way throughout the centuries, but artists are still discovering new territories. Wherever they may journey through physical or mental landscapes, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen follows their every move.

How do we move from one place to another and what do our actions set in motion? The selection of fifty-four artworks from the museum’s collection assembled here represents a broad range of forms of movement and means of transportation. Govert Dirkszoon Camphuysen’s painting of a horse and carriage with a boisterous company at a staging post depicts a time in which speed was still dependent on horsepower. In the allegorical depiction of the Triumph of Love on an eighteenth-century fan, the movement is metaphorical.

Artists visualise means of transportation such as cars, ships and flying machines in order to comment upon the human condition. In her wooden sculpture, Marisol playfully shows what the automobile has meant for personal freedom of movement. Ludolf Bakhuizen painted a seascape with warships to show the Netherlands’ position as a seafaring nation. Panamarenko’s Hymenoptera symbolises man’s desire to fly.

In our imagination we are able to ascend to the heavens or walk on water. These mental journeys have their ups and downs, as in the Greek myth of Icarus, who loses his homemade wings. To keep art in constant motion, we need artists to break the ice, as in Guido van der Werve’s film Number Eight. Everything is Going to be Alright. We invite you to take a pilgrimage through the history of art.

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