Boijmans Calendar widget

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen has developed the Boijmans Calendar widget. This nifty calendar can be installed on you computer desktop. The Boijmans Calendar shows a new work of art from the collection each day. On top of that it makes it very easy to check what’s on at the museum today!


There are Boijmans Calendar widgets available for PC and for Mac, and there is also a version you can place on your own website. Installing only takes a minute: download the Boijmans Calendar now!

For PC/ Windows users

There is a bilingual Adobe Air version for both Windows and Mac users, just press the button below:

For Mac users

We have developed an OS-X dashboard widget for Mac users:
Download OS-X Boijmans Calendar English

Placing the Boijmans Calendar on your own website

By  copy/pasting the code below, you can install the Boijmans Calendar widget on your own website:

The Boijmans Calendar for igoogle

You can also place the Boijmans Calendar widget on igoogle or a compatible website. You will find an example above. Clicking the google button places the widget on you own igoogle page: