Lucas van Leyden Foundation

Dr. J.C.J. Bierens de Haan (1986-1951) led an adventurous life. In the tumultuous years of the early twentieth century, he worked in war zones such as Transvaal and Oranje Vrijstaat, Greece and France. Although Bierens de Haan collected prints from his student days, he only took it up seriously after his career as a doctor. He created a collection that, right from the start, was intended for Museum Boymans and also collected with an eye on the gaps in the museum collection.

He bequeathed his collection of around 26,000 prints to the museum and the municipality of Rotterdam. He also bequeathed a sum of money, the annual interest of which is intended for extending the collection of prints. This fund carries the name Lucas van Leyden Foundation and still carries out its task today. The annual amount available varies from year to year. More than ten thousand prints have been acquired for the municipal collection by the museum using money from this fund. The capital of the foundation is administered by the executive committee of the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen Foundation.

Board Members

Mr. C.O.A. baron Schimmelpenninck van der Oije, MA, chairman
Mr. K.M.T. Ex, MA, secretary
Mr. S.J. van der Goot, MA, treasurer