Boijmans Studies

In 2007, Museum Boijmans van Beuningen started a series of academic publications about its own collection: the ‘Boijmans Studies’. This breaths new life into the rich tradition the museum can boast in publications about its collection (in particular, collection catalogues). The aim is to produce two publications each year.

The series is intended to include a wide range of research, which can be about a single work, or a sub-collection or relating to the history of the museum. It can be a collection catalogue, a report about a restoration, or an essay about a subject. The common denominator is Museum Boijmans van Beuningen’s collection. The aim of the publication is to document and make accessible the in-house collections and the museum history by publishing research. This takes place in an accessible, public-friendly manner. The publications are preferably linked to an exhibition. In addition to the museum’s own curators, contributions as researcher and author are also invited from external specialists.

The publication of the series is supervised by an editorial board:
- dr. Peter van der Coelen, curator prints and drawings 
- dr. Albert J. Elen, senior curator prints and drawings
- drs. Els Hoek, editor
- drs. Maartje de Jong, editor and assistant funds
- drs. Saskia van Kampen-Prein, curator contemporary and modern art
- drs. Sabine Terra, project leader publications
- drs. Patty Wageman, head collections and research

Several of these publications came about thanks to the support of third parties: the Mondriaan Foundation, the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen Foundation, the A.H. Foundation, Martens van Sevenhoven and the Foundation for Promoting National Heritage.

The following titles have already been published in the Boijmans Studies series

M. van Dam: Miscellanea delineata. Dutch drawings 1780-1860 from the Ploos Van Amstel Knoef collection, Rotterdam 2007.
On sale in the webshop.

M. van Vlierden, J. Giltay: Uit het goede hout gesneden. Middeleeuwse beelden uit de collectie Schoufour-Martin, Rotterdam 2008.
ISBN 978-90-6918-227-8
On sale in the webshop (Dutch only).

A. Hopmans: Verwerving en restitutie: de zaak Toorop / Acquisition and Restitution: the Toorop Case, Rotterdam 2008.
ISBN 978-90-6918-288-5
On sale in the webshop (Dutch only).

F. Lammertse, C. Fryklund, Annetje Boersma: Masterpiece or Copy? Two versions of Anthony van Dyck’s St Jerome with an Angel, Rotterdam 2009.
ISBN 978-91-7100-623-7
On sale in the webshop.

J. van Es (ed.), “Come on, now buy a Beckmann too!” Portrait of the Lütjens Family in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam 2010.
ISBN 978-90-6918-247-6
On sale in the webshop.

F. Lammertse, N. Garthoff, M. van de Laar, A. Wallert: Van Meegeren's Vermeers. The Coinosseur's Eye and the Forger's Art, Rotterdam 2011.
ISBN 978-90-6198-253-7
On sale in the webshop

N. Mertens: Meneer Delta, 50 jaar galeriehouder in Rotterdam, Rotterdam 2012.
ISBN 978-90-6918-255-1
On sale in the webshop (Dutch only).

M. Peyser: Il Devino en de dame. Renilde Hammacher en het surrealisme in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam 2013. 
ISBN 978-90-6918-265-0
On sale in the webshop (Dutch only).

M. Simon Thomas: The Essential Potness. Lucie Rie en Hans Coper in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam 2014. 
ISBN 978-90-6918-272-8
On sale in the webshop.

Roosmarijn Hompe, Adelheid Smit, 'Please write!' Paul Thek and Franz Deckwitz: An Artist’s Friendship, Rotterdam 2015. 
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Friso Lammertse, Albert J. Elen (eds.), An Eyckian Crucifixion Explored: Ten Essays on a Drawing, Rotterdam 2016. 
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