H.J.E. van Beuningen Prize 2010

In the autumn of 2010 Stichting Het Nederlandse Gebruiksvoorwerp (the Dutch Utensils Foundation) will award the H.J.E. van Beuningen Prize for the fifth time.

The Foundation, the objective of which is “the increase of knowledge of the pre-industrial utensil”, particularly within the Dutch cultural area, instituted the prize in 1991 in order to encourage research in this field.

The H.J.E. van Beuningen Prize consists of a certificate and the sum of € 2,500.- to be used as the winner sees fit. In addition there is also the possibility of presenting the winning research in the museum or in a publication. The organisation of the presentation is done in collaboration with Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum.

Research that can be considered for the prize are publications in the form of books, Ph.D. theses, articles, unpublished manuscripts, and also master’s theses that are concerned with pre-industrial utensils in the Dutch cultural area, in its broadest sense. In addition to art historical studies, cultural historical, historical and archaeological studies will be considered if the pre-industrial utensil is the primary subject. These must conform to the generally accepted scientific requirements and give evidence of originality. There is no age limit for participants.

The submitted research will be judged by a jury consisting of a full professor from a Dutch university, a committee member of the Foundation, the curator of the collection of pre-industrial utensils of Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum and an external expert. The jury can take into consideration publications submitted by others than the author, and is open to suggestions from third parties.


Candidates can apply or be put forward up to February 1st 2010. Applicants should submit a copy or photocopy of the research that appeared, or in the case of master’s theses was submitted, in the period between 1st May 2003 and November 2009, and a curriculum vitae to:

Drs. Christel van Hees
Secretary of the Stichting Het Nederlandse Gebruiksvoorwerp
P.a. Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
Postbus 2277
3000 CG Rotterdam
For further information please email: hees@boijmans.nl