A New Beginning

The Boijmans Diary’s 65 years

This years marks the 65th anniversary of the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen annual diary. The diary for 2013 offers a retrospective, in text as well as image, of those 65 years.

The Boijmans Diary 2013
The Boijmans Diary 2013

In 1949 an illustrated weekly diary was something novel. Over subsequent years the Boijmans Diary became a concept in its own right and we can now look back on a long tradition. A quick calculation reveals that since 1949 almost 3,500 illustrations depicting about 2,300 different works of art have appeared in the Boijmans diaries.

The 2013 diary is above all a visual tracing of the history of the Boijmans Diary itself. Over its 65 editions it has remained highly recognisable, if only because of the spiral binding, which was a highly innovative idea in 1949! However, over the years a great deal has changed as well. For example, the diary is now published in colour, not in the plain black and white of its early years. The vision of the compilers and designers has also evolved over time. Thanks to these developments and the diverse collaborations, each year’s Boijmans Diary Agenda has boasted a distinctive look. All this can be revisited in the diary for 2013, which offers dozens of images of pages from earlier agendas, documenting the development that the Boijmans Diary has undergone over its 65 years.

To purchase the Diary
The agenda is available for €17.50 at the museum shop and from selected quality bookshops. You can also acquire the agenda by transferring the due amount to the bank account of Stichting tot beheer van Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam (IBAN: NL29RABO0152327363; BIC: RABONL2U), mentioning ‘diary’ and your postal address. By surface mail within the EU the cost is €25.00; by airmail to addresses outside the EU the cost is €30.00. The diary will be dispatched on receipt of payment. If you would like the diary to be sent to a different address, please contact us by letter or e-mail. Further information: tel. +31 (0)10-4419400 or