Art and music in Boijmans
March 2012

Giant Egg in Boijmans

During the last month a gigantic Easter egg by Jeff Koons has been sited in the museumís entrance area.

Jeff Koons - Baroque Egg with Bow (Orange/Magenta), photo Femke Hoogland
Jeff Koons - Baroque Egg with Bow (Orange/Magenta), photo Femke Hoogland

It weighs 200 kilos and is more than 6 cubic metres. The enormous Easter egg with a magenta ribbon arrived in Rotterdam carefully packed. Two days after its arrival, the many layers of packaging and stickers were removed from ‘Baroque Egg with Bow (Orange/Magenta)’. Under the watchful eye of the press and several curious visitors, the showpiece by Jeff Koons was placed in its new habitat. A week earlier the museum’s technical team had built a podium for the work and the protective film could be removed. For the next three years you can enjoy this colourful load of überkitsch, as Koons’ work has been described’ free of charge in the museum’s entrance area. The American artist has made a series of ten eggs, four of which have a baroque surface. In addition to these mega-eggs, Koons has made giant rabbits, religious pigs, blue dogs and other controversial works.

Around Easter the museum is launching a competition giving visitors a chance to win a mysterious trip to the egg’s birthplace. Read more about Jeff Koons’ egg here. You can send an e-card here and soon you can watch the film on ArtTube.

With thanks to the Bert Kreuk Collection.