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The Road to Van Eyck!

Boijmans is well on the road to Van Eyck. The costly exhibition with brilliant and occasionally tiny, fragile works is going ahead as planned. It will be shown exclusively in Rotterdam for four months from this autumn.

Van Eyck, the Madonna in the Church, 1438 (detail)
Van Eyck, the Madonna in the Church, 1438 (detail)

It was uncertain whether the exhibition ‘The Road to Van Eyck’ would be able to go ahead. The costs are very high (1.3 million euros) and it proved more difficult to find a sponsor than we imagined. Thanks to the support of the Turing Foundation, Robeco and a group of individual donors and connoisseurs, the museum has secured the first half a million and is taking a chance. We have taken the first step on the road towards realising this unique exhibition. But we are not there yet. The group of individual patrons is growing and an increasing number of companies and foundations are showing a willingness to support the project.