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Win tickets for ABSALON and Boltanski

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen is showing a selection of works by the artist Absalon. This coincides with an exhibition of works by his teacher, Christian Boltanski (Paris, 1944), at the Nederlands Fotomuseum.

ABSALON 2010, Photo: dreusch.loman
ABSALON 2010, Photo: dreusch.loman

The two artists met in Paris and Boltanski became Absalon’s teacher and friend. Absalon’s work shows no visible signs of his teacher’s influence. Whereas Boltanski appeals to our collective memory with installations of historically loaded photographs and objects in which the past haunts the present like a shadow, Absalon’s work is very much about the here and now.
Immerse yourself in the worlds of Absalon and Boltanski and visit both museums.

Combine a visit to the museum with a visit to the Fotomuseum. Upon presentation of a ticket from one venue you will receive a discount of €2.50 at the other venue. This special offer runs until 26 February.

We are also raffling five sets of combination tickets to the two exhibitions.
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