A lot of design in Boijmans

Miniature Strandbeest by Theo Jansen for sale

Good news for fans of Theo Jansen’s Strandbeesten: the miniature verion is on sale in the museum shop. The full-size version of the Strandbeest can be seen in the exhibition ‘New energy in design and art’.

Strandbeest by Theo Jansen
Strandbeest by Theo Jansen

Theo Jansen is famous for his strolling sculptures, and in particular his Strandbeesten. He has been making them for years: immense constructions of PVC tubes which can independently move forward thanks to joints, nerves and air propulsion.

The famous Strandbeest ‘Animaris Ordis Parvus’ is now on sale in the museum shop. You can assemble the miniature Strandbeest yourself. After it has been assembled, it will move with the wind or if you blow on the propeller.
The miniature Strandbeest is 20 centimetres wide and 13 centimetres long and is on sale for € 39.50. But don’t wait long - sales only while stocks last.

Want to know more about Theo Jansen’s ingenious Strandbeesten? Watch the videos on his website.

Theo Jansen in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
The metal Strandbeest by Theo Jansen can be seen in the exhibition ‘New energy in design and art’. Other beautiful sustainable inventions can also be seen; these include the lamp that can burn using Chinese hamster cells that have been genetically modified with the luminous gene of a firefly. The aircraft built by Joost Conijn, in which he flew to Africa last year, is also on show in the museum. And what about the back-to-front Porsche by Oskar de Kiefte? De Kiefte postulates with this the proposition that cars can drive faster backwards because of the ideal streamlined shape. Come and see for yourself!

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