Marijke van Warmerdam
November 2011

New Energy in Design and Art

The exhibition ‘New Energy in Design and Art’ opens soon. Everyone is working hard behind the scenes to make sure this extraordinary exhibition can open to the public on 28 October. For designer Eric Klarenbeek this is the signal to present his LED Leaf.

Joris Laarman Lab, Half Life Lamp (2010), glass, cobalt chrome, genetically modified CHO cells
Joris Laarman Lab, Half Life Lamp (2010), glass, cobalt chrome, genetically modified CHO cells

The LED Leaf is a ‘do-it-yourself design object’: you can easily construct the lamp without the use of a soldering iron or printed circuit board. And if the electronics fail? Then you need not throw the whole product away (including plastic, electronics and the functioning LED). You only have to replace the faulty component. Now that’s sustainable!

From stools to dandelions
What else can you see in the exhibition? A machine that uses the energy of the sun to create a new stool each day. Solutions for feeding an overpopulated planet: machines that extract nutrients from the branches of tress and inedible flowers and plants. There is also an installation of dandelions, Studio Drift’s ‘Fragile Future’: a light sculpture that fuses nature and technology. And a chandelier made from hundreds of solar cells in the form of blue butterflies. This lamp, the ‘Virtue of Blue’, is a self-supporting art work powered by solar energy. Just as in nature, the fluttering butterflies use the sun to recharge their own energy.

Innovation and design
The exhibition ‘New Energy in Design and Art’ is a surprising collection of objects by artists and designers who are concerned with the relationship between art and science, and design and sustainability. It includes works by: Atelier NL, the duo Auger-Loizeau, Philippe Rahm, Bertjan Pot, John Körmeling, Michiel van Bakel, Oskar de Kiefte, Eric Klaarenbeek, Mike Thompson, Panamarenko and Jeroen Verhoeven.

Just before the official opening on Friday 28 October, the museum is organising a symposium on the theme ‘New Energy’. Several designers will be present to talk about innovation, design and sustainability. A symposium for everyone (Please note: conducted in English) For more information and reservations click here

Design in Boijmans
‘New Energy in Design and Art’ comes under the ‘Design in Boijmans’ programme. Design is a central theme at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen this autumn. With two large and two small design exhibitions, as well as the arrangement of the museum collection, much of the attention at the museum is on design and applied art. In 2012, current developments and innovations in design are also on the agenda.

The exhibition has been made possible with the support of Eneco, Ploum Lodder Princen and BankGiro Loterij.