Marijke van Warmerdam
November 2011


The exhibition is accompanied by the publication ‘Close by in the distance’, a richly illustrated book with four highly diverse and insightful essays.

Cover 'Close by in the distance'
Cover 'Close by in the distance'

The book ‘Close by in the distance’ provides an overview of twenty years of Marijke van Warmerdam’s work. This is the first publication to document her entire oeuvre, supplemented with images of her works. The essays by various authors paint a comprehensive picture of her artistic practice.

Maarten Doorman, philosopher, critic, poet and essayist has contributed an essay entitled ‘With the Exuberance of Young Animals’. Here is a taster of this highly personal and literary contribution:

“Marijke van Warmerdam’s work often lifts you up for a moment. Whether it’s the gilded rubbish bins in Amsterdam North, the film loop of the man showering that was shown at Schiphol railway station for several years or the filmed elephant’s eye displayed in a little concrete pavilion highly reminiscent of an elephant’s thick skin at Sons-beek. This is not to say you keep feeling you’re physically going up. But you are being lightened, even lifted up out of something. Out of what, though? Out of the everyday life of things around us? No. You’re being lifted out of your normal way of looking – and so, contrariwise, this work drops you smack bang back into reality. And you don’t know what you’re seeing.”

This English publication with Dutch translation will be available in the museumshop from 28 October (€ 34.95), ISBN 978-3-86335-109-0.