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September 2011

Three-dimensional Vedute manuscripts

The Vedute Foundation exists twenty years and to celebrate this the museum will exhibit a selection of spatial manuscripts, which have been designed and created by artists over the past few years.

No title, Krijn de Koning, 25-03-1998
No title, Krijn de Koning, 25-03-1998

The Vedute Foundation was founded in 1991 with the purpose to build up a library of manuscripts in which concepts of space are visualised. Vedute invites artists, designers and architects to visualise their personal ideas about space in the form of a three-dimensional work. The three-dimensional objects have a closed shape measuring 44 x 32 x 7 cm. The exact origin of these dimensions is a well kept secret, it is sometimes said that they could be the dimensions of the States Bible.

There are three locations in the museum where the special manuscripts are exhibited; in the showcase near the Espressobar, in the showcases in the library and in the display case of the print cabinet. The manuscripts were created by Roy Villevoye, Krijn de Koning, JCJ VANDERHEYDEN, Thonik, Robbrecht and Daem architects, Milou van Ham, and the Rotterdam Designers Collective 75B.