Newsletter Spring 2008
Spring 2008


These coming months, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen is presenting several extraordinary exhibitions ranging from medieval panels to contemporary installations. Please read on for the exhibitions calendar.

William Engelen
Verstrijken voor ensemble
Until 9 March 2008
The remarkable composition ‘Verstrijken voor ensemble’ can be heard in a sound installation in a specially built concert hall.

Dora Dolz
¿Adónde vas?
Prolonged until mid-June 2008
A selection from the rich and varied oeuvre of this Spanish artist.

Dutch Primitives
Paintings from the late Middle Ages

16 February – 25 May
A unique survey of the dawn of Dutch painting with rare loans from museums at home and abroad.

Medieval sculptures from the Schoufour-Martin Collection
February 16 – May 25 2008
A special collection of colored, late-medieval sculptures, donated to the museum by Rotterdam harbor entrepreneur Jacques Schoufour.

Landscape Forever

16 February – 25 May 2008
Sarkis, based in Paris, combines the design of the exhibition of late Gothic polychromed sculptures from the Schoufour-Martin collection with an installation of his own work.

Ewoud Van Rijn
Through Hell & High Water

16 February - 18 May 2008
The presentation shows the peculiar worlds of artist through large painted drawings.

Olphaert den Otter

February 16 – May 18 2008
A special series of 126 studies of stables and hermitages, culminating in a monumental painting of the ultimate retreat.

Harmen Brethouwer
On superfluous things
22 February - 18 May 2008
The first overview of the artist’s work shows the overall concept for his art, which he has been elaborating on since the early Nineties of the previous century.

Geert Mul
Intervention #4

1 March - 16 November 2008
The installation Horizons was specially developed by the artist Geert Mul for the museum and examines the phenomenon of  ‘cllecting’.

Yayoi Kusama
23 August – 19 October 2008
This exhibition of the Japanese master is not a survey, but a precise combination of paintings, films, slide-shows, happenings and reconstructed environments.

Charley Toorop
27 September – 18 January 2009
First overview of Dutch artist Charley Toorop (1891 – 1955), a woman who was both a remarkable painter and lithographer.

Erasmus of Rotterdam
8 November 2008 – 8 February 2009
This exhibition will highlight both Erasmus as a person and his wideranging ideas with paintings from collections at home and abroad by masters such as Holbein and Matsys.