Mystery in the Submarine Wharf
May 2011

Boijmans TV DVD box set competition

In Aprilís newsletter we announced the release of the Boijmans TV DVD box set. And there was a competition with a chance to win a copy of this TV series.

City Hall of Stockholm. Photo: Andreas Trepte
City Hall of Stockholm. Photo: Andreas Trepte

The funny, moving and informative TV series about the art works, artists and visitors in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen was broadcast in 2010.No fewer than 1.5 viewers tuned in to watch. You can watch Boijmans TV online on the museum’s video channel, ArtTube, but it is also available as a DVD box set. []

Order it now via the webshop or buy it in the museum shop. You can also watch episodes on ArtTube.

The question was: In episode 7: ‘Wet Feet’ the tour guide Bregje tells her group about the museum building. What is the design of the Van der Steur wing based on? We received dozens of responses, with lots of fun and original answers.

The answer to the question is provided in episode 7. The tour guide Bregje says: ‘Van der Steur and the then director, Hannema, travelled a lot through Europe before they came to the final design. They decided to use this City Hall with its central tower as their starting point.’ ‘This City Hall’ is the City Hall of Stockholm. The image shows there is a great similarity between the City Hall and the Van der Steur wing of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen.

The winner of the Boijmans TV DVD box set has been informed and will receive his or her prize in the post as soon as possible.