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April 2011

Peanut-Butter Platform in the museum

The notorious Peanut-Butter Platform by Wim T. Schippers was unveiled during Rotterdam Museum Night. The much-anticipated installation is being shown in the museum for the first time since it was acquired last year. Wim T. Schippers’ works are known for their beauty and their senselessness.

Wim T. Schippers, The Peanut-Butter Platform, 2011, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Photo: Lotte Stekelenburg
Wim T. Schippers, The Peanut-Butter Platform, 2011, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Photo: Lotte Stekelenburg

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen purchased the Peanut-Butter Platform by Wim T. Schippers in December 2010. It has been on display as part of a retrospective exhibition at the museum since Rotterdam Museum Night. The exhibition includes the floating stone ‘Het Is Me Wat / And Now What’s Up’ (1999) and ‘Eggs’ (1966), a carpet of white cotton strewn with green eggs. The Peanut-Butter Platform will be on display until further notice. Don’t miss it! For more information about the Peanut-Butter Platform and Wim T. Schippers visit our website.

Peanut-Butter Post
The Peanut-Butter Platform raises many questions. Visitors to the museum can record a question about the work on a webcam. The artist responds to the questions on video. The questions and answers can be seen on our online video channel ArtTube. [] There has been a tremendous response. The questions range from ‘May I eat the peanut butter?’ to ‘Why did you choose peanut butter?’ and even ‘Do you think it’s more important that an art work is tasty or beautiful?’ Watch the answer to this and many other questions on Peanut-Butter Post.

Just in time
Wim T. Schippers is also famous as a playwright and theatre director. Twenty-five years ago his play ‘Going to the Dogs’, performed by six German shepherd dogs, caused a scandal in the Netherlands and abroad. Questions were asked in the Dutch parliament about why this play received a government subsidy and the play was given extensive TV-news coverage. The performance is still a widely discussed subject in Dutch theatre history.

Wim T. Schippers’ newest play ‘Het laatste nippertje’ (Just in Time) is a collaboration with Titus Tiel Groenestege, Titus Muizelaar and Kees Hulst. What the play is about has not yet been made known and might never be clear. What is certain is that this tragicomedy will be a heyday for absurdity. For more information visit the website of Toptheater.