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Exhibition in the former Submarine Wharf

This summer the Scandinavian art duo Elmgreen & Dragset are coming to Rotterdam, where they will transform the Submarine Wharf into an extraordinary environment with their installation ‘The One and the Many’.

Portrait Elmgreen and Dragset photo: Emanuele Cremaschi
Portrait Elmgreen and Dragset photo: Emanuele Cremaschi

This year Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen is again presenting an exhibition in Rotterdam’s harbour. This year the museum and the Port of Rotterdam have decided to show the work of Elmgreen & Dragset. From 28 May until 25 September the Scandinavian artists will create an alienating atmosphere and an illusory experience in the Submarine Wharf in the RDM complex. The artist’s received widespread attention in 2005 for their Prada shop in the desert in Texas. They caused a sensation at the Venice Biennale in 2009 with their project The Collectors. Two villas, supposedly belonging to art collectors, were furnished with paintings, sculptures and designer furniture. Staged installations provided information about the dramatic lives of the collectors.