Beauty in Science

It seems that it does exist: beauty in science. A new fount of inspiration? Allow this exhibition to convince you from 12 February.

Crystallization of mixture of paracetamol and dextrin, photo: Loes Modderman
Crystallization of mixture of paracetamol and dextrin, photo: Loes Modderman

Science is a quest, based on verifiable facts, for new knowledge of reality. Art creates its own reality and thus evokes emotion and often a sense of beauty in the beholder. For this exhibition the challenge was to investigate whether images of great beauty are also to be found in the natural sciences. Professor Hans Galjaard (b. 1935) approached more than 60 researchers from about 30 different institutions over the last two years, asking these scientists to submit images of exceptional beauty from their specialist fields.

Audio tour
An audio tour was developed to accompany this exhibition, recorded by Hans Galjaard himself. You can rent this tour from the museum’s information desk for €3.00.

Interview Hans Galjaard (Language: Dutch)
If you would like to find out more about how this exhibition came about you are welcome to attend the interview with Hans Galjaard on Sunday, 20 February. You can find further information and reserve a place by clicking here.

On 11 March 2011 the museum is organising a symposium about Beauty and Science. The museum invited Dr Jan C. Molenaar, Professor Emeritus at the Erasmus University, Rotterdam, to devise a programme for this event. He chose three themes, to which respected scientists from various disciplines will make learned contributions. You will find information about the speakers and the programme here. Make sure to register soon, because of limited capacity.

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