Suspension of Disbelief

Gabriel Lester reveals his magical thoughts in the museum

Gabriel Lester, movie still from 'The Big One'
Gabriel Lester, movie still from 'The Big One'

Rotterdam is hosting the first major solo exhibition by the Dutch artist Gabriel Lester to be held in a museum setting. From 12 February to 8 May, Lester’s ‘Suspension of Disbelief’ presentation will occupy two large exhibition spaces at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. In ten installations, including two films, the artist addresses subjects such as superstition, coincidence, self-deception, theories of probability, lotteries, ill and good fortune, rituals, prophecies and magical thinking. Lester’s work has previously been shown in Istanbul, São Paulo, Stockholm and London. The artist and this new exhibition are also featured in A Prior Magazine #21, which will be available from retail outlets from 21 March.

Q&A with Gabriel Lester
1: What is the reason for the title ‘Suspension of Disbelief’?
It alludes to stories and the desire to believe in stories. I believe that life is peppered by this fact; it is the world of desire and imagination.
2: What are your magical thoughts?
That the things of this world, the events and phenomena, are all interrelated. It is chiefly the small coincidences that give me great pleasure.
3: What is your greatest ill or good fortune?
4: What is your personal perspective on lotteries and theories of probability?
I’m not so much concerned with the phenomena; I’m more interested in people’s motives for taking part in them.
5: How do you try to ward off and influence your destiny?
By devoting little attention to the things that negatively influence destiny. Call it a kind of warding off through denial.

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