Design in Boijmans Autumn 2010
November 2010

50% discount on theatre performances!

The Ro Theatre is offering readers of the Boijmans newsletter a 50% discount on tickets for the performance of Hondsdagen. With actors including Hannah van Lunteren and Yahya Gaier, who have also worked together on Boijmans TV!

Hondsdagen is until saturday 27 November 2010 at the RO Theatre
Hondsdagen is until saturday 27 November 2010 at the RO Theatre

Hondsdagen: Voorbij de crisis en het failliet
(Dog Days: Beyond the Crisis and the Bankruptcy)
Ro Theatre (William Boothlaan 8 - Rotterdam)
Wednesday 27 October to Saturday 27 November

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Three dancers, five actors, two musicians and the confrontation between different people, stories and ideas. In Hondsdagen director Alize Zandwijk puts on a performance with few words, which calls upon the powers of expression of music and movement. The entire cast searches for vulnerability, humiliation and fraternization using different disciplines. In a world in which religion is used as a divisive element and a deep economic crisis is driving people apart, Zandwijk poses the very relevant question in Hondsdagen: where does human bankruptcy end and where does the revival of human dignity begin?

Alize Zandwijk is highly skilled in creating poignant and unsettling images and has been fascinated for years by the idea of showing different worlds on the stage at the same time. Driven by her dream of working with dancers, we see in Hondsdagen how these worlds come together. Magnified, emotional, cutting straight through everything: from the world of heat and humiliation to that of tranquillity, association and cold. Following her highly praised production of Branden, Zandwijk again opts to go beyond the establishment of the crisis and the bankruptcy. This time she is working from a continuing quest in the hope of coming to a new agreement with one another.

‘Don’t talk for once, search for the silence.’ - Alize Zandwijk

Director Alize Zandwijk
Dramaturgy Hildegard De Vuyst
Composition Beppe Costa
Musicians Beppe Costa and Maartje Teussink
Scenery Thomas Rupert
Lighting Casper Leemhuis
Costume Inge Büscher
Assistant director / coach Miquel de Jong and Ryan Lawrence
with Gijs Naber, Hannah van Lunteren, Bart Slegers, Yahya Gaier, Goele Derick, Angelina Deck, Charlotte Goesaert and Fabiënne Vegt