Summer Newsletter: Art in Boijmans and in the port of Rotterdam
20 June 2010


The summer brings more beautiful exhibitions in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen and beyond. Here is an overview.

Collection Two. Photo: Kees Spruijt
Collection Two. Photo: Kees Spruijt

Ritsue Mishima
Until 30 May 2010
The Japanese glass artist Ritsue Mishima will be exhibiting glass objects in a specially constructed Japanese winter garden within the museum walls. Mishima has made most of the thirty or so pieces especially for this exhibition. The objects will be placed low to the ground and visitors will be able to walk along the path and see the Venetian glasswork at very close quarters.

Intervention #13 Anne Wenzel
Requiem of Heroism
Until July 2010
The artist Anne Wenzel from Rotterdam is showing recent ceramic works. She is presenting an installation made of ceramic and steal that has been made especially for the museum. The installation - an abandoned heroic memorial - fits seamlessly with the museum's 1930s architecture by Van der Steur.

Lily van der Stokker - Terrible
Until 13 June 2010
Lily van der Stokker (b. 1954) made two wall-size three-dimensional murals especially for the Willem van der Vorm gallery. The Dutch artist works in a drawing-like manner with fluorescent colours and short, catchy texts such as ‘Terrible’ and ‘Why do it?’ Her cheerful, direct and sometimes confrontational works are a reaction to topical themes in the art world. She starts by making compositions in small sizes and then has them enlarged to intervene in the (public) space. Van der Stokker has created murals in many museums, galleries and art institutions in Europe and America.

World Expo 2010: ‘Het is me wat’
Until 31 October 2010
Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen is showing Wim T. Schippers’s (Groningen, 1942) floating stone at the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai. His work ‘Het Is Me Wat’ (‘And Now what’s Up’) plays with the concept of gravity. Working with students from Delft University of Technology, he created a stone that floats above a plinth by using three electro-magnets. The words 'Het', 'Is', 'Me' and 'Wat', are engraved on the four sides of the plinth.

Intervention # 14 Hans Wilschut - Perforated Perspective
Until 1 September 2010
In the stairwell of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, photographer Hans Wilschut (1966) is making an installation with photographs he took during his travels. His works tell a cultural story and at the same time play an exciting game with the stairwell designed by architects Robbrecht and Daem.

Van Meegeren’s Fake Vermeers
Until 22 August 2010
Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen presents ‘Van Meegeren’s Fake Vermeers’, an exhibition of the famous forgeries of Han van Meegeren (1889-1947). Van Meegeren craftily exploited art historians’ desire to discover early works by Johannes Vermeer. During a famous court case in which Van Meegeren was accused of Nazi collaboration, he admitted that he had forged old master paintings, including several Vermeers. The exhibition explores Van Meegeren’s technique, his masterpieces and his downfall.

Olafur Eliasson - Notion Motion
22 May – 17 October 2010
In 2005 the Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson developed a work especially for Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in which the central theme was the visualisation of light waves. Notion Motion, an interactive installation covering 1,500 m2, can be seen again this summer.

Thomas Demand - Nationalgalerie
29 May – 22 August 2010
Demand selected works that in some way are related to his own history or German history for his exhibition ‘Nationalgalerie’, which was previously staged in the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin. The question: How will the exhibition do here, and does this tell us something about the image that the Dutch have of Germany?

Submarine Wharf: Atelier Van Lieshout - Infernopolis
29 May – 26 September 2010
An unique collaboration between the Port of Rotterdam and Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. An empty wharf of 5000m2 is used as the location for several summer-exhibitions with international appeal. The internationally renowned Atelier Van Lieshout from Rotterdam, will kick off this project in May 2010.

Restoration of a painting by Dalí in public
11 June – mid-August 2010
Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen is to stage its first ever public restoration. Salvador Dalí’s Landscape with a Girl Skipping will be restored in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen’s Serra Gallery in full view of museum visitors. The painting by this master of Surrealism will then be exhibited in Milan.

Lutz & Guggisberg
3 July 2010 - tbd
For the exhibition in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen the Swiss duo Andres Lutz (1968) & Anders Guggisberg (1966) are having the scenery they designed for a play at the Stadstheater in Bern brought to Rotterdam, where they will present it in an entirely new way in the museum setting of the Willem van der Vorm Gallery.

Kees van Dongen
18 September 2010 – 23 January 2011
A world-class exhibition to match the extraordinary artistic verve of Kees van Dongen. Through a selection of eighty paintings, the exhibition charts Van Dongen’s early years, his breakthrough and his later international success. While offering an overview of his entire career, the exhibition focuses on the period 1907-1914 which was so crucial to his artistic development.

Hella Jongerius - Misfit
13 November 2010 - 27 February 2011
This autumn Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen is presenting a selection of works by the industrial designer Hella Jongerius. Over the past fifteen years Jongerius has earned an international reputation for her innovative vision of design. In many of her works, including vases and tableware, she has created a link between industrial and craft production. Jongerius has also provided a surprising perspective on the narrative power of decoration in works such as her Embroidered Tablecloth (2000) and the Nymphenburg Sketches collection (2004). In one of her recent designs, Frog Table (2009), the decoration appears to emerge from and free itself from the table’s structure. As an almost autonomous element, the frog mediates between the object and the user.

Johan Thorn Prikker
13 November 2010 - 27 February 2011
The Dutch artist Johan Thorn Prikker (1868-1932) created a furore with his innovation experiments in stained glass. Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen is devoting an exhibition to his extensive and multifaceted oeuvre. Thorn Prikker’s creativity and love of experimentation will be explored in more than 250 objects, drawings, paintings and designs.