Newsletter April 2010
April 2010

New acquisition: Apollo van Nicolai

The popular art work entitled ‘Apollo’ by the German artist Olaf Nicolai has been sited in the museum’s central courtyard since 2008 and is now part of the museum collection. Everyone is welcome to kick a ball around this summer.

Photo: Bob Goedewaagen
Photo: Bob Goedewaagen

‘Apollo’ is better known to the museum’s visitors as the ‘football cage’. Everyone who visits the museum may kick a ball around in this object, which was made specially for the courtyard. Children especially love to kick a ball around in a work of art. Reason for the museum to acquire Apollo by Olaf Nicolai.

The players’ movements are reflected in the mirrors, generating a stroboscopic effect. The design practice Thonik, which is responsible for the museum’s house style, designed a floor painting for the courtyard in consultation with Olaf Nicolai. The floor painting amplifies the work’s interplay of lines and reflections.

To celebrate the acquisition, the museum is publishing a book on the work entitled ‘Olaf Nicolai, Apollo’. This book is available at the museum shop (€14.50).

The museum has acquired this ‘football cage’ with the support of Han Nefkens’ H+F Patronage.