Newsletter April 2010
April 2010

More about the people behind Boijmans TV

Who makes Boijmans TV?

The set of Boijmans TV, episode 2, photo: Marieke de Blaaij
The set of Boijmans TV, episode 2, photo: Marieke de Blaaij

Boijmans TV is a partnership between Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Popov Film and RO Theater. Boijmans TV is broadcasted by RTV Rijnmond. It is a new television programme about art, based on an idea by Wilfried de Jong. De Jong is well known to viewers of ‘Waardenberg en De Jong’ and the highly successful series ‘24 uur met…’ for the VPRO.

‘Boijmans TV’ is directed by Sander Burger, who presented his latest feature film ‘Hunting & Zn.’ at this year’s International Film Festival Rotterdam. The lead role in this film was played by Dragan Bakema, who is the owner of Popov Film.

Members of the RO Theater company play a central role in Boijmans TV. Jetse Batelaan is responsible for directing part of the series and RO actors Rogier Philipoom (guard) and Jacqueline Blom (guide) appear in each series.

The content of Boijmans TV is devised by an editorial team, which includes the museum’s director, Sjarel Ex. The team is led by Els Hoek, who has worked as an editor on ‘Opium TV’ (AVRO) and ‘Laat op de Avond na een korte Wandeling’ (VPRO).