Newsletter Spring 2010
February 2010


In 2010 Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen is staging some exceptional exhibitions. Here is a calendar with our upcoming events.

Wardrobe - Studio Wieki Somers
Wardrobe - Studio Wieki Somers

Divided Divided - Carsten Höller
6 February – 25 April 2010
Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen will stage Carsten Höller’s exhibition Divided Divided. The contemporary artist is creating a 1,500 m2 installation especially for the museum. What’s more, visitors can spend the night in the Revolving Hotel Room. All the works on show are based on a simple mathematical formula that divides and re-divides the space and the objects into two.

30 January – 25 April 2010
Under the name of Portscapes an artistic journey took place in 2009, to the architectural, political, social and environmental past, present and future of the port of Rotterdam. Various (inter) national artists were asked to respond to, and to be inspired by the construction of the Second Maasvlakte. The projects including Fucking Good Art and work from Jan Dibbets were to follow over the years at various places in the harbor. Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen shows the final results in the form of films and documentaries.

Ritsue Mishima
6 February – 30 May 2010
The Japanese glass artist Ritsue Mishima will be exhibiting glass objects in a specially constructed Japanese winter garden within the museum walls. Mishima has made most of the thirty or so pieces especially for this exhibition. The objects will be placed low to the ground and visitors will be able to walk along the path and see the Venetian glasswork at very close quarters.

Intervention #13 Anne Wenzel
Requiem of Heroism
From 6 February 2010
The artist Anne Wenzel from Rotterdam is showing recent ceramic works. She is presenting an installation made of ceramic and steal that has been made especially for the museum. The installation - an abandoned heroic memorial - fits seamlessly with the museum's 1930s architecture by Van der Steur.

‘Trying is Buying’: Jac. Jongert, 1883-1942
Until 18 April 2010
Showing 300 pieces of his work, the museum presents an overview of Jac. Jongerts oeuvre. Between 1905 and 1940, he was one of the foremost designers in advertisements, book covers, textile and glass objects. His designs for Van Nelle coffee and tobacco manufacturers cover half the exhibition. Jongert played an important part in the design education of his age and was driven by social idealism. The exhibition shows Jongert as one of the very first advertising designers, creating art for the masses.

Radio Red – Moritz Ebinger
Until 7 February 2010 (last week!)
The Swiss artist Moritz Ebinger has installed a radio studio in the entrance area complete with microphones, a table, chairs, pens, record turntables and other objects. He is covering all the objects with a thick layer of red paint. From this studio he will make a radio broadcast about the colour red. Ebinger will interview other artists, students, random visitors, politicians and museum staff. The show is in the air every Sunday from 2-4 pm (only in Rotterdam).

Masterpiece or copy? Anthony Van Dyck
Until 14 February 2010
The painting ‘Saint Jerome’ by Anthony Van Dyck (1599-1641) is part of the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen collection. A second version exists in the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm. Both works have recently been restored, a process resulting in essential differences between the two. The question is which of them is the original, and whether the other canvas is a copy or a replication. Through a multimedia presentation the viewer will gain insight into the research that is done with X-ray and infrared technologies.

Mercenaries and Turks
Until 7 March 2010
The museum’s Print Room is exhibiting two extraordinary series of coloured woodcuts from the German renaissance. The collection of prints is part of a recovered treasure that was missing for fifty years. One series shows Swiss and German mercenaries in colourful clothing. The other series is of great cultural-historical value and shows Turkish soldiers on horses and camels. After a nation wide campaign and thans to the contributions of The Mondrian Foundation, the Rembrandt Society, VSBfonds and the Lucas van Leyden Foundation, the museum has been enabled to purchase the series.

The Newest Collection
Until 7 February 2010 (last week!)
The work of Robert Gober, one of the great names in contemporary art, can finally be seen again in the museum. In ‘The Newest Collection’ you can admire Untitled (torso), his famous wax butt with real human hair. The exhibition also includes several loans the artist has made available after discussion with the museum. The wallpaper ‘Hanging Man / Sleeping Man’, which the museum has purchased, is also on display. There are works in five other rooms by Sarah Lucas, Daan van Golden, Helena van der Kraan, Maria Roosen and Sharon Lockhart, all of whom reflect an aspect of Gober’s work in their own individual manner.

Johan van Loon, 75 years
Until 7 February 2010 (last week!)
To mark his 75th birthday the museum is staging an exhibition of earlier work and new ceramics by Johan van Loon. For more than 50 years Johan van Loon has been one of the most important Dutch ceramic artists. This autumn more than twenty of his works will be exhibited in the museum’s showcase. The presentation shows earthenware, stoneware and ceramic vases, bowls and plates. The underlying theme in his work is innovation through experiments with colours, forms and surfaces. A variety of objects are combined in one exhibition.

Intervention #12 Ine Lamers
Call Sheet
Until May 2010
Ine Lamers (1956) studies the notion of dystopia in the video USTALA (Eng: I’m tired). On the basis of analogies and similarities with her own work she has also selected works from the museum’s collection.

Intervention #9 Sylvie Zijlmans & Hewald Jongenelis
Ten To One
Until May 2010
Zijlmans and Jongenelis invited ten friends to eat with them in a meadow on ten consecutive days. They assembled the photographs of the ten meals to create a single image of a large feast. The friend’s outfits were created by hundred tailors in Beijing. ‘Ten To One’ will be displayed in the museum as a wall-sized installation.

Intervention #7 Olaf Nicolai
Until Autumn 2010
This coming year, visitors can come and play football in the museum courtyard. With Apollo, Olaf Nicolai has created a sculpture that is also the setting for a football arena. The players’ movements are reflected in mirrors, generating a strobe-like effect. This transforms the pavilion into a platform for ‘wannabe’ Apollos, the Greek God of light and the arts.

The Collection Two
Until end of 2010
Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen is 160 years old this year. To celebrate this anniversary the museum’s collections are being presented in new displays. For the first time the museum’s world-famous collection of prints and drawings is being combined with paintings, sculpture, the applied arts and design. The museum’s prints and drawings collection contains more than 80,000 works of art and is one of the most important collections in the world. The applied arts collection, ranging from medieval to contemporary design, is also presented anew.

Thomas Demand –Takeover from the Neue Nationalgallerie 22 May-22 August 2010
Demand selected works that in some way are related to his own history or German history for his exhibition ‘Nationalgalerie’, which was previously staged in the Neue Nationalgallerie in Berlin. He always starts with media images as the basis for his work. Now that this exhibition especially made for Germany is also coming to the Netherlands, he will look at how the two nations differ in their perception of their own identity. How will the exhibition do here, and does this tell us something about the image that the Dutch have of Germany?

Submarine Wharf: Atelier Van Lieshout
29 May – 26 September 2010
An unique collaboration between the harbour of Rotterdam and Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. An empty wharf of 5000m2 is used as the location for several summer-exhibitions with international appeal. The internationally renowned Atelier Van Lieshout from Rotterdam, will kick off this project in May 2010.

Notion Motion – Olafur Eliasson
29 May – 17 October 2010
In 2005 the Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson developed a work especially for Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in which the central theme was the visualisation of light waves. Notion Motion, an interactive installation covering 1,500 m2, can be seen again this summer. This installation has been made possible thanks to the contribution of the H+F Petronage (H+F Mecenaat).

Kees van Dongen

18 September 2010 – 23 January 2011
A world-class exhibition to match the extraordinary artistic verve of Kees van Dongen. Through a selection of eighty paintings, the exhibition charts Van Dongen’s early years, his breakthrough and his later international success. While offering an overview of his entire career, the exhibition focuses on the period 1907-1914 which was so crucial to his artistic development.